Representing the foundation

Volunteers represent our foundation during events, fairs and exhibitions.

Assistance through illness

They visit sick children in hospitals, organise all kinds of weekend activities, socialize and help represent the support and perform many other functions.

Professional knowledge

Professionals of various fields (legal, marketing, finance, graphic design, etc.) share their knowledge and provide guidance pro bono.

Volunteering can help widen your experience


Volunteers provide significant help to the sick children and their families and also support the foundation’s efforts. Volunteering brings new experience, friendships, feelings, realisations and discoveries. It brings all of us together. And, most importantly, it helps the children get well! Our little ones express their gratitude for the attention and help with their smiles and true joy.



Event highlights

Our volunteers

Everyone who is ready to help a child with cancer will be warmly welcomed

How to become a volunteeru

Volunteering is a serious and responsible decision that might change how you or sick children spend their days. That is why we urge you not to take this decision lightly and consider your commitment very carefully.


If you wish to volunteer for Mamų unija, you need:


01. To contact us by email info{eta}

02. To complete a volunteer’s questionnaire (it will be sent to you upon the receipt of your email)

03. To participate in an informational meeting for volunteers 

04. To submit a medical certificate

05. To sign a volunteer work contract with Mamų unija

06. To enjoy volunteering!

Numerous research suggests that people who are involved in charity or volunteering tend to be happier and have higher self-esteem. They are rarely depressed, are healthier and live longer.

Email us

Visi norintys padėti ir prisidėti prie savanorystės ligoninėje, pirmiausia turi įgauti fondo pasitikėjimą ir prisidėti prie fondo kitų veiklų. Tik susipažinus su fondo veikla, darbo specifika ir subtilybėmis, galite pretenduoti į savanoriavimą ligoninėse.

Everyone willing to volunteer in a hospital first needs to earn the foundation’s trust and contribute to other activities of the foundation. Only upon learning of the foundation’s activities, specifics and subtleties you may apply for volunteering in a hospital.
If you have not found the information you needed on our website or in FAQ, please contact us.

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