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You are welcome to cooperate with us. We can develop joint projects and initiatives for children in Lithuania suffering from oncological illnesses. We can offer different ways of helping the children which would in turn reinforce your company’s social responsibility and inner organisational structure.

Ways you can help:

  • Support by offering your goods and/or services.
    We have all the documentation in place to formalise your support and it is also possible to conclude support contracts.
  • Financial assistance for treatment.
    You may provide regular (for example, once a month) or a one-off support. That way you become a long-term sponsor or you may help to implement a single specific objective. Additional benefit: publicity through websites, social and other media.
  • Cause-related marketing campaigns.
    This means that the sales of your produce becomes related with collecting funds for a specific cause. In this case – treatment of children with cancer. By our mutual agreement we decide on the share of a specific good/service price that goes to funding. Additional benefit: Production of special campaign items such as tags, price bands, advertising posters, publicity through websites, social and other media.
  • Donation box.
    Contribute to the support for children with cancer by installing our donation box in your premises.
  • Good deeds/holidays traditions.
    Create good deeds traditions in your office and promote special cause days. For example, every last Friday of the month can become a bake-sale, with company staff baking cakes and, by offering a slice, asking to donate some money to the good cause. The donated money then goes to the children with cancer on the team’s behalf. You could also, instead of exchanging gifts among the office staff, prepare some Christmas gifts for the sick children or donate the money allocated for Christmas gifts to fund their treatment. Additional benefit: publicity through websites, social and other media.
  • Good deeds help strengthen the team.
    We urge you to organise creative workshops, such as decorating wooden toys or bird feeders. These hand-made souvenirs are unique because they were created especially for our Foundation. You may purchase a creative kit comprised of wooden toys and bird feeders, specific tools for decoration and have a great time and a team-building exercise in one. The entire sum paid for the souvenirs and tools goes to the children with cancer.
  • Volunteer Day.
    Your team could spend one day per year volunteering for our Foundation. They could help selling souvenirs during fairs or events or organise a day of fun for the children in hospitals, etc.
  • Postcards.
    Gift original Mothers’ Union postcards to your partners, clients and team-members. All funds for the postcards sold will be allocated to the treatment and care of children with cancer. Price for one postcard with an envelope is EUR 1. Encourage your team to participate and purchase at least one postcard each.
  • <strongChildren’s oncology support centre (VOPC).
    This is a care, family life and leisure centre that will help create a safe, cosy environment that is conducive to health and helps the entire family of the sick child. The VOPC project has been underway since 2016. If you wish to contribute to the development of this unique project, you are welcome to become our partners and sponsors. More information by telephone +370 652 69680
  • Other projects.
    Your company or each individual employee personally may contribute to the various projects organised by our Foundation. More



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